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Melissa Frateantonio is a graduate from Durham University with a first class honours in MArts Human Geography (integrated masters).

She enjoys using her academic and analytical skills in her artwork. Both her third and final year dissertations focus on queer theory that think alongisde various art forms (including her own illustrations, and films). The theme of queerness is what she looks to create artwork on henceforth.

She side-hustles, hard. She is a freelance photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, painter, an academic, writer, amateur coder, linguist (fluent in Japanese), film enthusiast and public speaker. 

She is interested in finding: brand identity/strategy, graphic design and UX reserach/design internships at creative agencies, and is looking to work all of these skills for you.

Currently interning at M.Y.O and Creative Jungle Co., producing social media and creative content via her photography, graphic design, illustration and website-making skills.

Available (remotely) from October 2020, based in London.

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